Books by IGSP Authors

Huntington Willard & Geoff Ginsburg


"With chapters from many of the world's leading authorities, this book from Duke's Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy gives us a remarkably comprehensive and thorough introduction to the field of personalized medicine. Anyone who will participate in this transformation of medicine -- from students to practicing physicians to scientists at the forefront of genetics and genomics to business executives and CEOs -- will find these volumes a great resource."
- G. Steven Burrill CEO, Burrill & Company San Francisco, CA

"With genetic discoveries being published weekly, and increasing efforts to translate genomics to the clinic, there is a pressing need to educate medical students, physicians ad policy-makers on the emerging discipline of genomic medicine. This valuable book is first of its kind, offering a comprehensive overview of the field's foundations, applications to each area of medicine, and translation into clinical medicine and policy."
- David Altshuler MD, PhD, Professor of Genetics and Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

"This extraordinary text contains the foundation of knowledge which will allow a completely new era in medicine to bloom. A must-read for every practitioner - from primary care physician to subspecialist - so as to optimally practice their art. This is the comprehensive user's manual for the genome in the clinical setting."
- Dietrich Stephan, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Navigenics